Device Selection Dialog
  • 18 Jul 2023
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Device Selection Dialog

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Many operations in Netreo require you to select one or more devices for them. The device selection dialog is how this is done.

The dialog is capable of paginating and filtering long lists of devices to make selection easier.

The device selection dialog.

Function Groups

Before any devices may be selected, the device list must be populated by selecting a function group from the pull-down selector at the top.

All function groups configured in Netreo that are not disabled are available for selection. Additionally, two other options are available:

  • Everything - Lists all devices.
  • None - Lists only devices that are not assigned to a function group.

The Device List

Once a function group has been selected, the device list is populated.

(Only enabled devices are displayed in the list. Devices that have been disabled are not shown.)

The device list table includes the following columns.

  • Device - The name of the device in Netreo.
  • IP - The IP address assigned to the device.
  • Category - The category device group to which the device belongs.
  • Site - The site device group to which the device belongs.
  • Type - The device type assigned to the device.
  • Validated State - Whether the device has been validated for monitoring or not.

Select a column header to sort the table by that column in alphanumeric order. Select the column header again to sort in reverse-alphanumeric order.

At the top left of the table is a pull-down selector that allows you to choose how many devices are displayed per page in the table.


The device list table includes a Search field into which you may enter terms related to any column in the table. This field acts as a realtime filter for the device list, filtering on each character entered. The filter looks for instances of the entered terms in any column as you type them.

For example, first you might narrow the list by typing VMWare Host. Now only devices of type VMWare Host appear in the list. However, maybe this smaller list is still too long for you to conveniently select the devices you want. You might then add the term New York to the search field terms to narrow the list to only devices of type VMWare Host that are in the New York site. You may continue to add terms to the search field until the list is narrowed as desired. Be aware that the list only displays device entries that include all of the search terms, no matter what column they appear in.

Using the search filter it is easy to pare the list down to a convenient size for device selection.

Device Selection

Devices are selected by placing a checkmark next to their name in the dialog. Devices that are checked will remain selected while navigating pages in the list and during filtering. This means that you can repeatedly use the filtering technique above to find different devices based on different terms without losing your current selection.

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