Supported Devices
  • 15 Jun 2023
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Supported Devices

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General Information

Netreo's approach to device polling is built around our philosophy of providing simple, practical and pragmatic solutions to complex network management problems. Rather than drowning engineers in a flood of hard-to-interpret data, we try to identify the key information that is most relevant and important in managing device capacity and performance and avoiding unplanned outages. Netreo takes a flexible approach, allowing the basic statistics to be expanded upon for customer environments that have a need for specific information and statistics beyond the baseline visibility that we strive to provide for all supported platforms.

For each supported device, we try to provide a baseline view of the following metrics.

  • Latency
  • CPU utilization
  • Memory use
  • Bandwidth
  • Errors
  • Disk space utilization (where applicable)

We strive to make these basic statistics easy to view regardless of the device type or platform—to make comparisons and overall IT visibility simple and easy.

On platforms that have more detailed information available, our engineers identify specific statistics which are also highly useful, such as context switches, connected users, VPN users or temperature/humidity. The specific variables available will vary by platform, and will depend on what the manufacturer provides via SNMP, WMI, PowerShell, SOAP, WBEM or vendor-proprietary API. While our engineers try to select the most useful statistics to provide actionable data, any statistic the manufacturer provides can be collected and monitored, and long-term statistical trending and graphing provided. Netreo works closely with customers to tailor the collected statistics to match their requirements.

(To see what else Netreo can monitor, check out What can Netreo Monitor.)

Device List

The list of supported devices is always growing, but a representative list of devices is provided here. Please feel free to contact Netreo support if you have questions about support for a particular device.

Devices Not Listed
Any device that supports SNMP polling of the MIB-II (RFC 1213, 1573, et al.) and/or Host Resources (RFC 2790) MIBs can provide baseline statistics, even if not listed here by name. Please contact a Netreo support engineer if you have specific questions.

For a listing of currently supported devices and the metrics they collect, please see the knowledge base category Device Type List.

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